Markus, R&D Graduate

November 2019

25-year-old Markus started as R&D Graduate at LINAK A/S just three months ago. He is from Germany and has a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering and a master’s degree in Innovation and Business. He has been off to a good start and is really looking forward to seeing what the rest of his 2-year Graduate time will include.

Markus LINAK A/S

Markus has started in the development department in the division making products to the hospital and care sector. He is hoping to get the chance to move around in the organisation during his Graduate Programme: ”I am planning to use the variety of the programme to also run projects outside R&D. Therefore, I am right now in contact with Operations to have my next project there. After this I would like to gather experience at Sales in order to get knowledge about crucial functions outside R&D, when it comes to product development. Furthermore, I am really looking forward to having a project abroad. It will be interesting to learn how the LINAK values and procedures are lived for example on the other side of the world.”

Clear dedication

Markus sees the Graduate Programme at LINAK as a big opportunity. He is hoping for a future at LINAK in Denmark and for this reason he signed up for a Danish intense language course to do better both professionally and socially: ”Since I want to work long-term at LINAK it was absolutely clear for me to become fluent in Danish as soon as possible. Speaking Danish will provide me with more opportunities at LINAK and I can achieve more.”

The first months as Graduate

As Markus started the programme just three months ago, he still clearly remembers the first time: ”For the first two weeks I had many intro meetings with colleagues from the department, where I have my first project and from other departments at LINAK. Those meetings helped me to get an overview about the whole organisation. Afterwards I was thrown into the daily work of a development engineer. There, I helped the mechanical team in a new lifting column development project. The technical task helped me to deeply expand my knowledge about actuators, the mechanics behind it and existing LINAK solutions. Furthermore, the daily work gave me a routine for our product development process.”

And Markus is already impressed by LINAK: ”It is impressive to see on which high level LINAK is developing and testing components and products. I think that really makes the difference when it comes to the quality of our products. Since I am new, I need to ask a lot to get up to speed. During my first three months it was really recognizable how helpful all colleagues from my department, but also from other departments and business units are.”

The programme offers good opportunities

Markus has a few good things for others to consider, if they would like to apply as a Graduate at LINAK: “I think the most important thing to know about the LINAK Graduate Programme is that it is really a programme that provides you with a great opportunity to develop yourself a lot and to gain a deep knowledge about the people, vibe, culture and structure of LINAK. I think it is important to be open and ready to challenge yourself, since you will have projects in different departments or even functions, where you do not hold the greatest knowledge nor experience. Therefore, it is crucial to adapt yourself to the new environment and team and push yourself out of your comfort zone in order to learn as fast as possible.”