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Family-owned business with strong roots

LINAK has remained a family-owned company for more than 100 years.

Family-owned businessThe picture was taken before World War I. By the door you see Bent Jensen’s grandfather and grandmother. The child standing between them is Jensen’s father, and next to them his great-grandfather.

CEO Bent Jensen founded LINAK based on his grandfather’s workshop, established in 1907. Since 1976, he has transformed it into an international manufacturing company with a set of timeless values1. These include a strong dedication and feeling of responsibility towards the customers, the employees, and the community surrounding us. 

LINAK is in the actuator business for the long run. True to our values, we strive to ensure continuous employment and growth in the areas and regions that the company operates in – especially on the Danish island of Als, where LINAK was founded and still has its headquarters.

Through family ownership, LINAK has remained a Danish company, and will continue to be so in the future.

1For more historical information, please visit the LINAK History section.

Bent Jensen, CEO & Owner, LINAK A/S

'In 2012, my family and I made an important decision for the LINAK future. We initiated a generational plan to secure that the business stays in the family, and that the values that describe our family-owned business continues. When it comes to investments, we think long term. At LINAK we feel a great commitment to our employees and the local area, which is why we keep the headquarters and production in Denmark, and we support activities in the local community. We also feel a great commitment to our customers, they are the reason for our existence.'

Bent Jensen, CEO & Owner, LINAK A/S

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