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Digitalisation improves the quality of products and lives

Automation plays an increasingly large part in the LINAK production. It helps us keep up with fast-growing markets and to maintain the high level of quality that our customers expect from us.

Continuous digitalisation of processes and aligning the shop floor with warehouse activities, allow us to free up time for our colleagues in production. This directly influences our ability to process large quantities of products fast and to deliver a consistent high quality, all while maintaining our extensive testing programme. 
The result is a Smart Factory with remarkably low ppm (parts per million) figures.

At the end of the day, it is all about increasing efficiency, maintaining high quality in production, and keeping our employees happy and healthy.

LA36 cell

Automation of the LA36 product line has improved ergonomics for production operators by taking over heavy lifting and repetitive movements. It has also accelerated production speed and increased capacity considerably – all while retaining a uniform high level of product quality.

Robots in automated LA36 production cell



Digital production

Inside the LINAK® Smart Factory, two key systems collaborate to ensure world-class quality in production – even when speed increases and capacity grows. One is Shop Floor Planner – the other is our way of conducting Line Clearance between orders. Together with additional digital tools and processes, they form our Digital production.

Shop Floor Planner helps combine order data with component supply to the production lines. With this, system orders are constantly updated with a 24-hour horizon. This data helps plan production and automatically ensures an optimal component flow from our warehouse stock.

Hour-by-hour board for digital production

Line Clearance at LINAK is done with scanners. The production line operator scans the boxes of components for each order, and the system immediately calculates if all the correct components are present to process the order. Then Shop Floor Planner combines this information with current order specifications and historical order data and calculates how long the order will take to process.

In other words – in just a few seconds you can have line clearance and a time estimate of when the order is ready.


Efficiency in production is supported by digital hour-by-hour boards where a cell’s production plan is automatically created and continuously updated based on progress data. Furthermore, data from a production cell allows rapid follow-up of its operation, as well as troubleshooting.




Shop floor AGVs

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) are the ones that carry out the plans listed in Shop Floor Planner. These diligent worker bees help to supply production with a continuous flow of parts and to ensure steady transport of packed products to the departure terminal.

Fed with running data, the AGVs become an integrated and intelligent part of production and help increase efficiency and free human hands to do other tasks.

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