Linear Actuator Solutions For Forage Harvesters

forage harvesters

Actuator Solutions for Forage Harvesters

If you want to get the most out of your forage crops you need machinery that can be easily and effectively adjusted for optimal output on every field. However, harvesting and chopping up forage is not a delicate job it requires tough, sturdy equipment that can take a beating out in the field for days on end.

TECHLINE® electric actuator systems offer reliable and durable action with forces up to 10,000 N with accurate positioning and superior control.

This makes electric actuators the perfect choice for a number of solutions on a forage harvester.
  • Adjustment of the pickup cylinder – to ensure optimal harvesting and higher output

  • Front wheel adjustment – for better positioning and high efficiency

  • Adjustment of the unloading auger – for better working procedures and efficiency

  • Built-in knife sharpening – for easy maintenance with no service breaks to sharpen the knives

  • Concave adjustment – for optimum harvesting results

TECHLINE actuator solutions can easily be integrated with other control systems and almost everything can be automated and easily controlled from the cabin offering a much less strenuous workplace with increased ergonomic benefits and comfort.

Compared to hydraulic systems the actuator solution is easier to install and it requires no maintenance during its long lifetime. You get no weak spots such as hose and pumps on you application. Finally, the environment benefits from low energy consumption and no risk of harmful hydraulic oil leaks.

Please contact LINAK TECHLINE for specifications and even more actuator solutions for forage harvesters and other farming equipment.

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