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Solar Tracking &
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Global warming and the drive to minimise greenhouse gas emissions has put the focus on how to make the most of natural energy sources. The sun and the wind are freely available almost everywhere in the world and electric actuators can help improve the exploitation and efficiency of these sustainable sources of energy.
Solar tracking is an obvious way to improve the efficiency of solar power plants. As the sun moves across the sky an electric actuator system makes sure that the solar panels automatically follow and maintain the optimum angle in order to make the most of the sunbeams.
In recent years the TECHLINE® team of engineers and consultants have given solar tracking their special attention. The well-proven reliability and long maintenance- free lifetime of LINAK actuators even under extremely rough condition make TECHLINE electric actuator solutions particularly well suited for this kind of application.
Flexibility is a keyword for TECHLINE electric actuator systems. You get excellent step less positioning and feedback to your control system - both digital and analogue. When the main power is not available LINAK actuators can run on battery backup and manual override is also available.

INCREASED EFFICIENCY with solar tracking systems

Tracking the sun from east in the morning to west in the evening will increase the efficiency of the solar panel up to 45%. With almost no maintenance cost you can expect full return on your investment.
After supplying OEMs within farming and heavy-duty construction equipment for many years, we know that our actuator solutions will effortlessly withstand UV, heat, rain and dust. No actuator leaves LINAK without extensive testing. 
TECHLINE offers complete actuator solutions with both digital and analogue integration directly to your control system, but we are more than willing to develop customised solutions in close cooperation with you and your staff.


Wind power is another sustainable energy area that benefits from TECHLINE electric actuator solutions. The sturdy proven reliability of LINAK actuators has caught the eye of the wind turbine industry.
Compared to a hydraulic solution an electric actuator system offers low weight, easy control and it takes up less space in the nacelle. In cooperation with our customers TECHLINE has developed solutions for service situations with automatic opening of all sorts of access gates, hatches and emergency lubricating systems. Electric actuators are also used for a number of safety applications like rotor brakes, rotor lock, wing lock and ventilation systems in both the nacelle and the transformer unit. Please Contact LINAK TECHLINE.

Read more in Focus on Wind Turbines, the Solar Tracking focus folder or watch this video about solar tracking systems.

Visit also our website about Solar Tracking to learn more.

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