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To most people a pleasure boat is synonymous with luxury living. Whether it is a small motor boat, a large sailing boat or a luxury yacht the owner expects a certain level of customisation and automated features that will set his boat apart from all others.
As a shipbuilder you will appreciate that the flexibility and versatility offered by the TECHLINE® range of electric actuators are suitable for both internal comfort applications and external solutions that require powerful action and resistance to wind, water, salt and sun.


In saloons, cabins and cockpits TECHLINE actuator systems are typically used for elevating tables, adjusting chairs and to extend and retract displays, monitors or flatscreen TVs. This is just to mention a few comfort applications that could help you customise your boats to meet customer demands and enhance your reputation as a shipbuilder and designer even more.
If you have special needs or ideas for how an electric actuator solution could make your boats stand out, please contact LINAK TECHLINE. Our team of engineers and consultants will gladly cooperate closely with you and your staff to come up with the perfect actuator solution.
This applies also to outdoor applications such as ladders, ventilation systems, engine hatches, collapsible mast and braces, storage access doors etc. Electric actuators will be perfect for almost anything that requires an adjustment.
TECHLINE can supply plug and play solutions that are very easy to install complete with actuators, columns, control boxes, control pendants and other accessories.
You can rest assured that your discerning customers will experience only comfortable pleasure from a TECHLINE electric actuator solution. TECHLINE linear actuators are thoroughly tested for long lifetime and reliability in harsh conditions with no maintenance.  And in the unlikely event of something going amiss LINAK has a worldwide network of after sales service represented in more than 30 countries.

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