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The will to change

We live in a rapidly changing world. LINAK® is committed to staying at the leading edge of the market.

In order to continuously improve and deliver innovative solutions, we stay flexible and open to new challenges and opportunities.


Rasmus, Ezgi and Søren are just three out of many LINAK employees, who have had the opportunity and will to move across the world to try something new within LINAK.

You can read Ezgi’s and Søren’s stories below, and in this video, you can meet Rasmus, who started as a Graduate Trainee at the headquarters in Denmark, and who now has a leading role at LINAK U.S.


Ezgi Salman, Online Marketing & Marketing Coordinator, LINAK GmbH

My journey at LINAK started with a dual study program at the German subsidiary, LINAK GmbH, where the company supported my professional and personal growth.

After graduating my Master of Science, I was given responsibility for global projects at headquarters in Denmark. Emphasising the importance of social responsibility became a key focus.

LINAK is dedicated to investing in its employees, encouraging their individual progress. Key insight: Investing in employees benefits both the organisation and the individual employee.

Ezgi Salman, Online Marketing & Marketing Coordinator, LINAK GmbH
Soren Brondum Petersen

I have been with LINAK for over 30 years, and it is precisely the will to change that is one of the reasons why I am still here. Both because this core value has given me several professional opportunities personally, but also because LINAK has been steadily growing, which has always demanded a high level of constant change. Thus, it has never been boring to be with LINAK.

I see the will to change at LINAK at all levels - from sales to LEAN manufacturing and ongoing automation. We are always trying, e.g. through innovation, to help our customers differentiate their products in order to increase their competitiveness. For me, the will to change actually only becomes more important as our customers' business areas evolve and as competition increases.

Soren Brondum Petersen, Managing Director, LINAK Danmark & Regional Vice President, North

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