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Enthusiasm & Individual Efficiency

Our company relies on enthusiastic employees always looking to make a difference for our customers, for the company, and for themselves.

This includes a dedication to efficiency by using LEAN in as many of our daily work processes as possible.

Jørgen Sobol, Managing Director, LINAK Switzerland.

After many years at the head office in Denmark, I moved to Switzerland, where I took on the role as Managing Director. Coming to a LINAK subsidiary and seeing how our values are also followed here has been an amazing experience. Bringing the values to life should not be taken for granted – they must of course be nurtured, and it takes time and effort to keep them alive.

We use several systems and tools around the world, and they make up a large part of our foundation; working consistently is actually part of our DNA. I feel that there is an enthusiasm among our employees. They constantly provide input on how we can make things even better, and help each other to improve – it’s about best practice and continuous improvement.

Jørgen Sobol, Managing Director, LINAK Switzerland.

3D printing

A gut feeling can lead to valuable assets that benefit the daily lives of multiple employees at LINAK A/S – and this is just one example of how. Jakob Svennesen had the idea that in-house 3D printers would be a way to achieve greater agility, flexibility, and happy employees. The idea behind this gut feeling was to streamline the print process, so instead of outsourcing our print jobs, we would print in-house using our own 3D printer.

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Jakob Svennesen, Corporate Director, EP Mechanics, LINAK A/S

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