Guderup, 3 March 2021

Dear Valued Customer,


You know LINAK as a reliable business partner. That is why it is essential for us to have an honest and upfront communication with you.

In recent days we have received several notices of Force Majeure from suppliers of essential components that they are currently not able to source certain key raw materials for their production and that they now foresee impact on their ability to supply components to LINAK.

These external factors beyond our reasonable control can impact our ability to supply products to you. Due to this multitude of unforeseen and unexpected notifications of Force Majeure from our suppliers, LINAK is declaring a situation of Force Majeure.

Your understanding of this difficult situation is highly appreciated.

We are working intensively on handling the situation and are in the process of obtaining additional information about the likely duration and impact so we can estimate effects on our ability to supply. At this time, it is not fully clear how our delivery schedule will be affected. We are arranging for all necessary measures in our operation so that current supply challenges will be mitigated to a minimum.

We will keep you updated through normal order confirmation channels if we have information on delays in our supplies to you.

You are welcome to contact your local LINAK contact person with any questions and we thank you for your kind understanding and patience.


Kind regards,

Egon Borgkvist Jensen
COO & Executive Vice President

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