Plug and play actuator solutions

The LINAK TECHLINE segment offers more than complete electric actuator solutions allowing you to implement all elements of intelligent movement in one application. We have made them plug and play too.

Powerful actuator systems that are easy to integrate

The world is heading towards more and more automation. This is particularly true in places that are hard to access or in functions where safety is a pivotal issue. LINAK systems from the TECHLINE® segment are complete plug and play solutions for automated or remote controlled movement in applications within construction, farming, industrial machinery, agriculture vehicles, and many other areas. 
Whether your need is for a solution for an on-grid or an off-grid application, it is always optional to add RF receivers and a remote control, or a traditional hand control.

Traditionally, solutions that are not grid connected are used in, for example, vehicles, tractors, or harvesters. Grid connected systems are typical in industrial automation or in solutions for farming, ventilationwastewater, and so on.

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Move for the future - actuators with Integrated Controller


TECHLINE product overview

Explore the wide variety of tough and powerful TECHLINE products. Built to last, built for hard work and built for work in harsh environments.

Move for the future

Learn more about the future world of movement with IC actuators.

Move on - go electric!

Learn about the advantages of actuator solutions compared to hydraulic systems.

Focus on pergolas

Pergolas provide shading when the sun is high in the sky. Learn how system solutions from LINAK ensure quick and easy control of pergola solar shading systems.

Focus on building louvres

By integrating louvre systems in buildings, light and heat ingress can easily be controlled for better indoor climate and improved energy rating.

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