LINAK systems provide automation in movement

The world is heading towards more and more automation. Especially in places that are hard to access or in functions where safety is a pivotal issue. LINAK TECHLINE® have more than 30 years of experience developing complete electric actuator solutions for automated or remote controlled applications within construction, farming, industrial machinery, agriculture vehicles, and many other areas.

LINAK systems or solutions within these areas consist of one or more actuators with integrated controllers (IC), a data receiver, and a control device. Basically, you can divide systems into two types:

  • Grid connected
  • Not grid connected
Either type always come with options for RF-receivers and a remote control, a traditional hand control or Bluetooth® Technology for smartphone app control.

Traditionally, off-grid solutions are used in for applications such as vehicles, tractors, or harvesters. Grid connected systems are typical in industrial automation or in solutions for farming , ventilation , waste water , and so on.

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