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Wastewater treatment made simpler with durable LINAK solutions

The second largest public wastewater treatment plant in Denmark changed a number of valve control solutions with LINAK actuator solutions, to achieve more uptime and ease day-to-day operations without breaking the bank.

Handling 10 million cubic metres (2.64bn gallons) of wastewater a year – from 380,000 citizens and several heavy industrial enterprises – requires a truly reliable treatment facility with an uptime of close to a 100 %. In the Danish city of Fredericia an introduction of LINAK actuators made a significant improvement to the local plant regarding service and operating costs as well as general availability.

Electric actuators are easier to maintain 
Being able to service and operate a complex system for wastewater handling and treatment in-house, makes a tremendous difference for day-to-day management. It is much faster, and it helps minimise costly downtime. 

“For us it is important that we can control the process and can service as much as possible ourselves,” says Kasper K. Frederiksen, Operations Manager at Fredericia Spildevand og Energi A/S. He has been part of a project where a number of actuators were replaced by LINAK actuators LA36.

“We tested the new solution from LINAK in different locations at the treatment plant, and we definitely see improved flexibility as we are now able to provide all the service ourselves”. 

Installed actuators in no time
Some of the actuators LA36 are placed at the organic outlet on the system’s sand washer. Here they open the valves every six hours to empty the sand washer for organic material. There is also a solution placed on the receiving station, where it prevents a return flow of sludge in the system.

Kasper K. Frederiksen also had several LA36 installed in the blower building where they – placed on the gub tube – help separate the air between the two tanks. Regardless of the location or the function in the plant, Frederiksen experienced the installation of the LINAK actuators on top of the existing valves as very easy.

LINAK actuators wastewater

“It was surprisingly easy to set and run the new actuators. After the first two, where we had to learn how, it went like a clockwork. I think the last one we installed was up and running in approximately 15 minutes.”

Keeping running costs down
The plant in Fredericia also handles wastewater from the area’s large industrial enterprises. This creates frequent fluctuations in load rates during the day. The machinery has to be able to withstand extra loads of water intake at times. This means that the entire system needs ongoing adjustment.

“One of the advantages of the solution from LINAK certainly is that it doesn’t cost that much in on/off control,” explains Kasper K. Frederiksen and continues:

“Other gears can only be adjusted four times every hour and that is not enough. Of course, we can buy control gears that can run multiple times, but they are very expensive. With LINAK, we get a cheaper alternative with a greater adjustment flexibility, and that is very important to us when we experience fluctuations in the water intake”. 

The project at the Fredericia plant commenced in 2013 as a pilot, and according to Frederiksen it has proven its worth many times since then. 

“It has definitely been advantageous to have a solution that requires minimal maintenance. Moreover, we can easily handle it ourselves,” he concludes.

For Kasper K. Frederiksen and his crew the project continues and LINAK will be expanding its activities in wastewater treatment and handling during 2018 – building upon the experiences from Fredericia Spildevand og Energi A/S.

If you wish to know more about how LINAK actuator solutions for valves can improve wastewater facilities, do not hesitate to contact your local LINAK office

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