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Healthcare bed manufacturers must focus on essentials to produce competitively priced solutions – without compromising on quality or performance.

LINAK actuators, CA10 control box, HB400 control box - on blue background, linked by dots and lines.

Aging populations, pandemics, lifestyle disorders and chronic diseases are all driving market growth in the hospital bed sector. As more money is spent on vital healthcare infrastructure and chronic illness becomes more prevalent around the world, the hospital bed market is set to expand rapidly. A new range of essential products from LINAK® saves manufacturers valuable time and costs by providing exactly what they need – and nothing more; the essentials required to design, install, and ship high-quality standard bed solutions in a highly competitive and growing global market.

Essential in so many ways

Streamlined and stripped down to essentials, but with exactly what is needed for a standard bed application, the Spyder™ is developed to save manufacturers time, space, and money. Spyder CA10 is smaller and weighs less than any other control box and comes with all cables pre-connected with fixed lengths to save valuable time from purchasing to fitting. In addition, cutting wrapping down to a minimum saves on inventory space and time wasted on opening and disposing of excess empty packaging.


All you need

As a trusted global supplier, LINAK has a responsibility to help improve the performance of our customers. It is important to us that they remain competitive in the increasingly tough market of homecare bed applications. That is why we have created a new range of essential products to save them time and costs throughout their production process. By providing exactly what they need – and nothing more, we offer the essentials required to produce a competitively priced solution for a rapidly growing market – without compromising on quality or performance.

Alexander Lund Brock, Product Manager, LINAK A/S

Detailed infographic explaining how the Spyder system from LINAK saves time, costs, space, and hassle.


New approach to standardised processes

In the past, specifying separate cables of different lengths and separate components could be a time-consuming process. With just one SKU and fewer variants, the CA10 control box makes it fast for installers to pull components off the shelves and save time on assembling them prior to fitting. The common problem of running out of single components like an individual cable, is also solved as all components come pre-assembled.


Compact for slimline design

The compact space-saving unit gives manufacturers more space to create optimal bed designs. With the LINAK LA24 actuator, for instance, a compact solution taking minimal space means the unit does not protrude when folding the bed and stacking for transportation. An external SMPS also means that the bed is a low-voltage unit, increasing flexibility when assembling the bed. And for installers, fitting the control box onto the bed application has been dramatically simplified compared with a multi-component solution; totally analogue, it comes all wired up and is simply plug and play.


Thinking ahead

With an eye on future waste disposal legislation and environmental concerns, LINAK has created packaging which saves space and time on waste handling. No cardboard boxes or polystyrene; just a simple one-material bag that takes up a minimum of space and is easily disposed of for future recycling.

If you need information about the Spyder actuator system, please explore the product pages: CA10, SMPS10, and LA24, or contact us directly.

Frequently asked questions

What is LINAK Spyder™

The essential solution.

LINAK Spyder™ is a cost-efficient actuator system for 3-4 motor bed applications powered by an external SMPS.

What does LINAK Spyder™ consist of?

This complete solution includes an SMPS10 external 100W Switch Mode Power Supply, a CA10 fully analogue control box with electronics, fixed cables, hand control port and mountable on the LA24 actuator; an HB400/HB70 analogue hand control and a choice of LA24 and LA27 actuators for 3 or 4 motor bed applications.

Which markets are the LINAK Spyder™ intended for?

LINAK Spyder is intended for basic bed applications such as the home care market.

What countries/regions is the LINAK Spyder™ available for?

Currently, there are four versions of the SMPS10 (220-240VAC): EU, UK, Australia and China.

Can I use other LINAK electric actuators for the Spyder™ solution?

The CA10 is compatible with LA24 and LA27 actuators. Keep in mind that the CA10 can only be mounted on the LA24 back-rest actuator.

What cables are available for LINAK Spyder™?

The CA10 comes with preinstalled cables in fixed lengths that has been chosen to fit most homecare bed applications. Please contact your local sales engineer at LINAK if further questions on cable length requirements.

What is the IP degree of the LINAK Spyder™?

The LINAK Spyder is rated IPX4 when the handset is connected to the CA10 control box. IPX4 means that the products are protected from splashing and suited for manual cleaning, ideally with a damp cloth.

Ensure that the power cable connector is kept dry during cleaning.

The CA10 platform, powered via an external power supply (SMPS10), is certified in accordance with the general standard for medical electrical equipment, IEC 60601-1.

The same applies to the SMPS10 power unit. The CA10 is designed for IPX4 according to the requirements of the standard for medical beds, IEC 60601-2-52, and the SMPS10 is designed for IP21 according to the requirements of the standard IEC 60601-1-11 for medical electrical systems used in the home healthcare environment.

The IEC 60601-1 states that the requirements of an ME system distinguish between ‘within’ and ‘outside’ the PATIENT ENVIRONMENT. When in active use, the SMPS10 is outside the PATIENT ENVIRONMENT and if/when cleaned, there is no longer a connection between the bed and the SMPS10.

I want to dismount the CA10 from LA24.

We only recommend dismounting the CA10 from the LA24 actuator when it is absolutely necessary. Please see the how to mount video on instructions on how to do this the right way without damaging the CA10 snap-on mechanism.

What if I break a cable, can it be replaced?

It is not possible to replace a broken cable as they are fixed to the control box.

Please contact your local sales engineer at LINAK.

What if I want to have a battery back up?

It is currently not possible.

Can I have two handsets attached to the system?

Yes, you will need to buy a port repeater such as a MJB2/MJB5

Can I have backlight on the handsets?

It is currently not possible

Please contact your local sales engineer at LINAK.

What if I only need 1 or 2 motors?

It is currently not possible

Please contact your local sales engineer at LINAK.

What if I want a 5th motor?

It is currently not possible

Please contact your local sales engineer at LINAK.

Is the Spyder™ also compatible with 110V countries?

It is currently not possible

Please contact your local sales engineer at LINAK.

Can I drive four individual functions on a CA10?

Yes, you can drive four individual analogue functions on a CA10, as long as you stay within 100 W and duty cycle 2/18 min.

What is the price of the LINAK Spyder™?

Please contact your local LINAK representative.


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