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EVOLVE+ - the evolution of intelligent care

The LINAK EVOLVE+ system is a major resource that can help your healthcare customers overcome tomorrow’s challenges. With the addition of the LINAK EVOLVE+ system, a care or hospital bed evolves from being simply functional furniture into an intelligent value-adding asset in the workflow of a busy healthcare environment.

Evolve+ - the evolution of intelligent care

Supporting better workflows

EVOLVE+ features can automate bed functions, communicate the bed status and share and integrate data with existing platforms and systems. Ultimately, they improve workflows and maintenance to enable more care with fewer hands. EVOLVE+ technology reduces heavy workloads to save time, giving staff the flexibility to provide care on demand that increases patient dignity. EVOLVE+ design adds value in terms of comfort, safety and aesthetics, while raising hygiene standards to new levels of protection.


Out of Bed Detection

Receive instant notifications when a patient gets up unexpectedly or falls out of bed. An early warning can prevent potential falls and notifications can detect changes in behavioural patterns.


Weighing Solution for Out of Bed


  • Part of EVOLVE+ weighing solution for weighing patients in bed Notifications with time-delay settings from 0 sec. - 60 min.
  • Out of Bed light for easier orientation in the dark - optional as Under Bed Light, Bed Side Lamp or External Light
  • EVOLVE+ connectivity for nurse-call

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Safe Position

By adjusting the bed to a safe position, the risk of falls can be minimised. Notifies when the bed is in safe position or moves out of safe position and helps prevent injuries if a patient leaves a bed or falls out of bed.


  • Safe position notification from actuator system
  • Optional safe/unsafe position indication using Under Bed Light
  • EVOLVE+ connectivity for nurse-call

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Bedside Rail Position

A bedside rail can prevent patients from falling out of bed or leaving the bed unexpectedly. The EVOLVE+ Bedside Rail monitor lets you know when the bed rail is in safe mode or if it has changed position.


  • Switch input for up to 4 side rails
  • Flexible definition of safe bedside rail positions (up/down)
  • Optional safe/unsafe position indication utilising Under Bed Light
  • EVOLVE+ connectivity for nurse-call

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Weighing in Bed

If regularly measuring a patient’s weight is essential, bed weighing saves both time and effort for carer and patient, offering major ergonomic advantages over physical lifting and weighing.


  • Precise weight measurement to 100 g
  • Integrated Out of Bed detection
  • Weight read-out from HB100 hand control with display
  • EVOLVE+ connectivity for nurse-call

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Service Data

Service Data Tool ensures efficient maintenance of healthcare applications. Maintenance procedures are simplified through easy access to reports and data.



EVOLVE+ connectivity ensures seamless integration of notifications to existing nurse-call and healthcare systems, enabling more efficient workflows for caregivers and a more responsive environment for patients.


Analogue Signalling


  • Relay output for connectivity to nurse-call system
  • Connectivity with any EVOLVE+ notification

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Digital Output


  • Digital output for integration with nurse-call and healthcare systems
  • Differentiated notifications
  • Error notifications for defective sensors
  • Connectivity to any EVOLVE+ notification

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