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Whitepaper: Reminders help users to use sit-stand desks

Our latest study of users of sit/stand tables shows that you get up if you are reminded of it.

Would users of height adjustable desks benefit from a gentle reminder and thereby get more out of their sit-stand office application? To find out, LINAK conducted a study together with the behavioural design agency /KL.7. We wished to find out what effect different reminders have on individuals using height adjustable desks. At total of 65 people in three different workplaces took part in the study where different reminders were used as interventions.

The study showed that employees who would normally not stand at their desks, used their sit/stand table 12 minutes more each day, if they were reminded. It also showed that office workers who previously had a low sit-stand ambition increased their standing time by 43 minutes per day – thanks to the reminders. While it depends on individual factors to form a new habit (it can take from a few weeks up to a couple of months) reminders appear to offer a promising tool for supporting office workers to increase the use of their height adjustable office desks. 

At LINAK, we seek to motivate people to get a healthier lifestyle. With the effects of motivational reminders in mind, we have equipped the innovative Desk Panel DPG series for office desks with an integrated reminder function. It reminds the desk users to change their posture during the course of a workday. It is also a perfect match for our free Desk Control™ App, which also includes a customisable reminder function to suit the needs of the office desk user.   

You can read more about the study – the basis and outset as well as its results – in the official whitepaper below (full version or light version). 



Making office workers healthier (full version)

Whitepaper researching the effect of reminders on office workers’ use of height adjustable desks.

Making office workers healthier (light version)

Shortened version with key findings regarding the effect of reminders on office workers’ use of height adjustable desks.

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