Linear Actuators

Linear actuators for HOMELINE applications are mainly meant for extra adjustment in all types of leisure beds/recliners for private homes. As an example, a linear actuator could be used for neck or seat adjustment adding value to the application.
The actuator LA27 is a powerful and robust actuator developed for CBH Basic systems and used in appl...
The actuator LA27 HOMELINE Hall Sensor is a powerful actuator developed for applications like box sp...
LA28 linear actuators are primarily system actuators. The LA28 is very quiet and powerful and design...
LA29 electric linear actuators have a very short installation dimension and are ideal for self-lifti...
LA31 HOMELINE is a very quiet and powerful electric linear actuator specially designed for domestic ...
What is a Linear Actuator
An electric linear actuator is a device that converts the rotational…
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