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News 30 June 2021

It is only natural - a hand control that sends all the right signals

When customers demand natural aesthetics and a sustainable profile, the new LINAK Hand Control HC10 Eco for adjustable beds sends all the right signals. With its natural look and feel, it brings warmth to cool technology. Comprised of 50% recycled waste wood from sawmills, the HC10 Eco composite housing reduces the use of plastics during production and is designed to be recycled after use . Naturally, you get all the same superb functionality as the existing HC10.

Get a LINAK hand control with sustainable aesthetics.

Nature as inspiration

Nature-inspired design has been a regular feature in trend magazines in recent years. We know that this has not gone unnoticed by furniture designers. Consumers are demanding more environmentally friendly solutions that both reflect a sustainable approach and add a natural feel to their home décor.

The HC10 Eco gives manufacturers the opportunity to reflect their environmental credentials, while staying perfectly on trend for today’s discerning customer.

The HC10 Eco hand control from LINAK in front view

Less plastic and resembles wood

The new HC10 Eco hand control features a polypropylene composite housing, which reduces the use of plastics during production and is designed to be recycled after use according to waste stream. The housing uses waste wood from sawmills that process PEFC certified trees. The end product even resembles wood.


On trend

The wood composite housing of the new HC10 Eco gives an unmistakeably organic signal value, which encompasses the product’s sustainability story, while tapping into current design trends for more natural, tactile materials. You can even dye the standard natural colour to create aesthetic solutions that match green bed brands even better.

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