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News 14 November 2019

Promote your office desk brand with a customised app

By taking full advantage of the customisation options offered with the LINAK® Desk Control™ App, you will be able to promote either your own or your customers’ brands even further. Here is what it contains.

Customised Desk Control Apps

Keeping up with digital trends these days often means incorporating a smartphone app of some description. For thousands of adjustable office desk systems around the world, the LINAK® Desk Control™ App meets this digital demand, helping end users to use their desks and to access sit-stand statistics on the fly.

But you too can benefit as you have an opportunity to customise the Desk Control App. Promote your brand by:

  • Choosing your colour
  • Inserting your logo
  • Adding a link to your website
  • Or offering all of the above to your customer!

In short – you can direct far more attention to your brand, or that of your customer, than ever before with a customised edition of the LINAK® Desk Control™ App.

Changed user interface: Statistics in focus
The traditional desk app by LINAK makes the user’s smartphone work like a physical desk panel. But there is, in fact, a lot more to it. The latest app release introduces some significant changes. Users can now set personal challenges, receive motivational notifications and easily follow his or her progress during the day via the statistics interface, ultimately improving work habits for the user.

Find out more about what the user will experience with the new Desk Control™ app in the video: ‘User statistics in focus with new LINAK Desk Control App release’.

Easy way to draw attention to your brand
By tailoring the visual design of the Desk Control™ App, you make it abundantly clear to end users who designed their height adjustable desk. In fact, why not go one step further and add/attach your logo to the Desk Panel DPGs. This allows you to complete the ‘unique package’ and to be fully visible to the desk user.

Customised Desk Control Apps

It sounds easy – and it is! Even if you are new to digital solutions and fear that anything digital falls outside your skillset, LINAK offers all the help you need. You will be surprised at just how fast and easy it is to get your own customised Desk Control App.

Just contact your local LINAK office when you are ready to get your brand activated and visible.

Your app will always be up-to-date
As your customised app is based on the standard LINAK® Desk Control™ App, your app will automatically be kept up-to-date too. When LINAK adds updates or features to the standard app, you will receive updates for your customised app as well. All updates have been thoroughly tested to work with LINAK products, using Bluetooth® Low Energy.

Furthermore, you have full ownership of the customised app and the only thing you need to do is upload the app to your accounts in App Store and/or Google Play.

Find more information about the Desk Control™ App here.

The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG Inc. and any use of such marks and logos by LINAK® is under license.

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