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News 12 November 2019

New IRS technology helps protect equipment and staff in healthcare

As adjustable applications used in healthcare grow more powerful, the risk of material damage from collisions with other objects increases as well – for the impacted objects as well as for the application. However, a new intelligent ratchet spline feature aims to minimise this.

LINAK introduces a brand new system feature, the Intelligent Ratchet Spline, in short IRS™. As with traditional spline functions – mechanical, electric, or ratchet spline – it is all about minimising the risk of damage to the equipment and increasing safety. This is intelligent protection.

Add intelligence with LINAK® IRS™
Traditional spline functions only allow the actuator to push. The function is used in adjustable healthcare equipment for safety reasons and activates when movement is obstructed. For instance, when the back rest in an application is being obstructed. Then the actuator will stop pulling and thereby avoid squeezing the obstructing object.

The new ratchet spline combined with an intelligent control box – together creating the IRS – makes it possible to decide the system behaviour, when obstruction is detected. The functionality is available with the linear actuator LA40 HP, combined with any LINAK® OpenBus™ control box (COxx) or a CA63.

Customise your IRS™ functionality
LA40 HP is designed to work with a number of different applications, such as treatment couches and hospital beds. Adding IRS, a range of customisable behaviours is available:

  • Reverse drive, releasing the obstructing object
  • Adjustable distance of reverse drive
  • Alert either by sound or LED in case of an obstruction
  • Stop of pulling force when IRS™ is activated

In this way, with the help of customised software, the risk of damage to either the application, the obstructing object or the healthcare staff can be minimised or even avoided.

Adding to the list of LINAK® safety features
Safety comes first – especially when operating powerful healthcare equipment. IRS™ adds to the long list of features that help protect the equipment or people in close proximity. This list includes, for example: self-locking mechanism, safety nut, mechanical endstop, Quick Release (QR) and the above mentioned spline options. Using OpenBus™ control boxes – or CA63 – adds even more to your list of protection options.

If you want to know more about LINAK® Safety or how the IRS™ can improve your healthcare application, please contact your local LINAK® office


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