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News 11 November 2019

CAN bus actuators are now even smarter!

After several years of successful collaboration with mobile off-highway customers, LINAK has now released the latest CAN bus software version with additional features, making electric actuators even smarter.

CAN bus - new features

LINAK continuously focuses on pushing the boundaries of what is actually possible with electric linear actuators - eventually creating superior performance compared to hydraulics. These are the new features available with LINAK CAN bus actuators:

Hardware addressing
Generate seven unique CAN addresses by simply changing a pin configuration. The result is fast installation and replacement, and you can even use the same actuators for several purposes.

Dynamic speed adjustment
Vary the speed throughout the actuator run and read out the speed directly on the CAN bus network.

Soft start and stop
Soft start and stop times can be set directly using a CAN command. Here you can set a ramp time for a smoother run to reduce mechanical stress on your machinery.

Increased compatibility
125 kbps, 500 kbps and Autobaud have been added to the existing 250 kbps to increase compatibility on various machinery.

Recovery mode
Recovery run mode is a way of recovering from simple errors. This is to ensure that the operator can continue the job despite unintended errors. When the recovery run is successful, there is no need for additional support or repairs.
CAN bus logo

Want to dig further into the technical aspects of our latest CAN bus software version?

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