News 31 October 2019

HC40: Lighting the way for a better user experience

The built-in shake torch in the Advanced edition of the HC40 is just one of the ways that light can make a hand control even more user-friendly. Become enlightened, and find out how the things you never thought about lighting have become an important and integral part of making the HC40 family super user-friendly – whether backlight in buttons, light in the display or other such features.

We all felt the shift when smart phones arrived. Suddenly our need for more functionality moved beyond devices with single features. This shift continued into other areas of our lives, from remotes that control the light bulbs in your home and your entertainment unit, to our market where consumers expect more from a hand control for adjustable beds.

From our extensive survey, we learned that consumers want the RIGHT features in a hand control. We believe that we have found the balance with our HC40 FRAME™ Advanced and HC40 TWIST™ Advanced.

Make it easy – Shake it!
When it comes to a hand control with a torch function, the torch is usually turned on by yet another button. But what if you could eliminate that button? What if you could make the hand control even cleaner to look at, and even more user friendly while you are at it? Asking these questions resulted in the shake-torch, which you can experience in the Advanced editions of the HC40 hand controls.


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