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News 15 August 2019

New features and more functions in the new Bed Control App

Smartphone apps are an important part of everyday life for people across the world. The new LINAK® Bed Control App gives owners of adjustable comfort beds extended functionality and adds new features.

Set the alarm in the Bed Control App

It is no longer just about adjusting the backrest up and down in comfort beds. The latest update of the LINAK® Bed Control App includes several new features, functions and a significantly more intuitive in-app troubleshooting guide.

New bed selector to adjust either side of the bed
The most distinctive new feature added to the app is probably the bed selector function. It allows the user to operate his or her own bed, both sides of the bed independently or synchronised. This allows a user to raise his or her partner's backrest a little – if he/she is snoring for example.

By naming the beds in the app it is easy to recognise, choose, control and adjust the bed you want to adjust.

LINAK Bed Control Apps

New alarm function offers movement or massage
The new app also comes with a brand new silent alarm function. It can be set to either give the owner a vibrating massage at a set time or gently drive, for example, the backrest to a favourite position.

The silent alarm is a perfect alternative to the traditional and rather noisy alarm clock. It wakes you up gently and – equally important – allows your partner to snooze.

In-app support and trouble-shooting guide
These guides are closely linked to system error codes. In short, this means that instead of just displaying an error code on the screen, the system now tells you what is wrong, and suggests how to solve it in plain English – or one of the other seven languages available in the app.

Generally, troubleshooting has become much easier in the new Bed Control App. In case of an error message, the user basically has two options:

  1. Accept the error and improve the situation – for example, by removing weight/load if that is what the error message suggests
  2. Activate the troubleshooting guide

The troubleshooting guide helps users solve the most common issues – step-by-step. It could be if the app and bed need re-pairing or if the power has been switched off. All in all, the extended help guides should help bed brands minimise the number of support calls from users. It really is: Help at your fingertips!

Customise app to promote your brand
For manufacturers and bed brands, a Bed Control App in corporate colours and showing company logos can help promote your brand and make your comfort bed even more unique.

If you want more information about the LINAK® Bed Control App or how it can be customised to your brand, please contact your local LINAK® office.

The LINAK Bed Control App is available in your preferred app store – in both Android and iOS versions.

Google Play

Apple Store

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