News 18 June 2019

Interzum 2019 – how we explored movement together

Whether you are a manufacturer of sit-stand desks or a designer of elegant comfort beds, the LINAK stand at the 2019 interzum trade fair offered a peek at the next big things in adjustable furniture. Plenty of new products, concepts and ideas were presented and shared, and here is what you missed, in case you were not there.

Among full-frame office desk solutions, multi-coloured lifting columns, advanced hand controls for comfort beds and superior design work, hundreds of guests visited the LINAK® stand at this year’s interzum fair in Cologne, Germany. They came to get a first-hand impression of the latest news in adjustable furniture.

Together we create – United we move
Our guests experienced a broad range of new and upcoming adjustment solutions and supporting features for furniture – for homes or for work environments. Some of the impressions are featured in the film clip below. It also underlines the LINAK headline ‘Move together’, embracing the fact, that as no two users are alike, only by ‘moving together’ can we create the unique user-experience.

If you want to hear more about the LINAK news at interzum19, please contact your local LINAK office.


New comfort bed hand control ‘designed with you in mind’
One of the major LINAK® attractions this year was the new hand control HC40. Not only does it bundle a wealth of functions, it is also extremely well designed, and it comes in two versions – HC40 FRAME™ and HC40 TWIST™.
In both hand controls, the functions and the design are based heavily on the results of a large user-survey, making it the most user-influenced hand control currently on the comfort bed market.


Moving people in healthy office environments
We take great pleasure in listening to end users. However, we also listen carefully to our customers and to the market in general. As digitalisation is no longer just a fad, new features, products and ultimately systems are required to meet end user needs.

At the LINAK stand, guests were offered the chance to try, for example, the LINAK® Desk Control™ App as well as the Bed Control App used with comfort beds. Many good questions and discussions arose – mostly about how to customise the apps and how to include digitalisation in new projects.


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