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News 20 April 2018

Two new control boxes complete the CO box series

With the launch of the CO41 and the CO71, LINAK is expanding the control box platform to complement the CO61; it is now easier to choose a control box with the right combination of features for the OEM; a new series of products with an abundance of possibilities.

Two new control boxes complete the CO box series

The control boxes are launched with the new LINAK standard, the new IPX6 Washable DURA™, meaning that the product is water protected and can be machine washed significantly more than the current norm prescribes.

Power, multiple options and easy to mount
The CO61 and CO41 are 4-channel OpenBus™ control boxes with an intuitive cable management designed for programmable actuator systems, making multiple easy-mounting options possible.

The CO41 is equipped with 120 W SMPS, whereas the CO61 is equipped with 200 W SMPS, making both control boxes versatile for a wide range of applications for the hospital and care products manufacturer. 

The CO71 comes with a 350 W SMPS and with Bluetooth® technology, ready for CO-Link™ operation. By adding another control box and thereby twice as many channels, you will have additional power. All managed with just one hand control. 

Perfect for the analogue set-up
The control box platform also includes the CA30 and the CA40 – again with IPX6 Washable DURA™, short circuit safe, and with innovative cable management as well as universal voltage input. They are compact and low-weight while presenting the users with a realm of mounting options.

In one easy step, the boxes’ inventive bracket solution mounts the boxes in various directions, and all control boxes in the new platform can easily be fitted with battery backup if required in certain areas. More importantly, this combination of features is the new standard at LINAK.


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