News 16 April 2018

Even basic OpenBus™ systems add new features to hospital beds

Upgrading your analogue actuator system to a basic OpenBus™ solution from LINAK will immediately give access to several value-adding features.

The launch of the LINAK control box CO41 and the control panel ACOM not only introduces the concept of a basic actuator system with OpenBus™. For manufacturers of adjustable healthcare applications using analogue setups, this digital upgrade also offers the opportunity to add several value-adding features. Many of these features cover various aspects of safety, such as:

  • Customisable Under Bed Light
  • Have double-side control with an ACK
  • Increase safety with a Brake Alert

Safety plays a central part in any hospital environment. Whether it is for patients, care staff, or the healthcare applications, LINAK OpenBus™ helps improve safety. It opens the door to a world of extended control through software programming. 

Under Bed Light assists patients at night
If or when a patient lowers the bed at night to go to the WC, an Under Bed Light can be activated to guide the patient. This helps prevent falling accidents for patients and helps notify care staff that a patient is out of bed. When exactly the light turns on and for how long is entirely up to you. It is customisable and can be activated as the bed lowers or when the patient leaves the bed.

Stay close to the patient with Attendant Control Keypads
In systems with the CO41, it is possible to use Attendant Control Keypads – ACK. These intuitive keypads are usually mounted on the bed's side panels near the patient’s upper body. The ACK is accessible from two sides. The side facing outwards makes it is easier for nurses to stay close to the patient while adjusting the hospital bed. From the side facing in, the patient also has bed adjustment within reach at all times. Mounting the ACK to the side panel and hiding the cables inside the bed makes it very easy to clean too.

Safeguard both patients and beds with a Brake Alert
Locking the wheels on a hospital bed is a simple yet very important safety feature. If your bed has a LINAK OpenBus™ system you can also add a Brake Alert. Hospital staff will be alerted if they plug the bed into mains power and leave it without activating the brakes. This means that the bed will not move when patients try to get in or out of it – thus preventing falling accidents. In the reverse situation, a nurse unlocking the brakes while the bed is still plugged to mains power will be alerted too. This will prevent damage to the bed and/or wall plug as moving the bed is likely to pull the cable from the socket.  

Overall, going from analogue to digital with LINAK OpenBus™ will give you access to many value-adding features. Starting with a basic system consisting of, for example: CO41, LA40, ACK and ACOM, will undoubtedly improve your hospital bed without breaking the bank.  



The control box CO41 is part of a family of OpenBus™ control boxes, all enabling manufacturers of adjustable healthcare equipment to offer a variety of additional control, movement, service, and safety features. The CO41, however, is ideal for many manufacturers wishing to upgrade from an analogue system to a digital one. Read more about the CO41.



The attendant control unit ACOM is the obvious choice if you want easy and intuitive OpenBus™ control of your hospital or nursing home bed. It allows the user to optimise comfort with smooth and gentle movement, while at the same time retaining the safety control with the hospital staff. Read more about the ACOM.



With the LA40, LINAK offers a durable actuator with high speed/high performance and mechanical endstop for First Failure Safety making it the right choice for the future market. The LA40 versions are rated up to IPX6 Washable DURA™ and have a very smooth design, expanding their field of application thanks to easy cleaning and mounting flexibility. Read more about the LA40.



Attendant Control Keypad (ACK) is used as nurse controls or side panel control. Able to control up to five channels. Optional colour and graphic design customisation. Read more about the ACK.


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