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News 27 November 2017

DL19 expands the family of motor housing columns

The electric lifting column DL19 is part of a growing family of columns with motor housing, making them ideal if you have one top frame design, but want to vary leg designs. Comes with LINAK Kick & Click™ as an option.

DL19 expands the family of motor housing columns

Designed with motor housing, the new lifting column DL19 is perfectly suited for customers looking to use the same top frame construction for various leg designs. 

Since August 2017, the LINAK family of motor housing lifting columns count nine members. The most recent, the DESKLIFT™ DL19, comes with a square design and a motor housing, and thereby adds to the wealth of opportunities for customers designing and manufacturing office desks. 

LINAK already offers one of the most extensive product programmes of motor housing columns in the market. These include both 2-stage and 3-stage columns in a variety of designs – round, rectangular, and with the DL19 also square. The DL19 comes as a stable 3-stage column with invisible gliding pads. To make almost all imaginable designs possible, you can even get upside down columns.

Same motor housing design and dimensions
To ensure easy mounting of office desks, the motor housing dimensions are identical across the LINAK lifting column family. This allows manufacturers to design different desks using the same top frame, thus saving time and optimising logistics. This is what we call Plug & Play™.

Cut assembly time using LINAK Kick & Click™
The complete LINAK motor housing column family is compatible with the LINAK Kick & Click™ solution. With this intelligent mounting solution, it is significantly faster to assemble a desk in one move and save time. Just ‘kick’ and ‘click’ the system together. 

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