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News 17 November 2017

Easy movement integration with CAN bus

The requirements for adjustment and control of machinery in modern farming, construction and mobile outdoor equipment are quite extensive. Everything from efficiency, precision, integration and data handling must be taken into consideration.

Easy movement integration with CAN bus

The solution is electric and includes advanced BUS communication. This is why LINAK paves the way for a more automated and autonomous world, offering no less than five actuators with integrated SAE J1939 CAN bus control.

The widely used BUS communication protocol is fully integrated with the actuators to ensure that implementation with existing systems is easy and adaptable.

Solutions with CAN bus control come in all sizes
SAE J1939 CAN bus is a proven protocol widely used in various mobile heavy-duty machinery, which is why LINAK actuators with this CAN bus protocol will be easy to integrate in your machine. 

Five LINAK actuators now come with integrated SAE J1939 CAN bus – the LA14, LA25, LA33, LA36 and LA37. These actuators cover a wide range of options when it comes to size and power, which is no coincidence;

Some types of machinery require a powerful push or pull, while others require less. Some are located in tight spots where space is limited. Nevertheless, they all have to be controlled from the driver’s cabin.

The LINAK range of SAE J1939 CAN bus actuators offers much easier integration and adjustment options. With few components and simple wiring, these actuators give you a less complicated installation and connection to the existing CAN bus network in your machine. Handling also becomes easier, as each actuator type can be adapted to perform different functions in the same machine with just a minor program change.

CAN bus is part of the Integrated Controller (IC) platform. Read more about IC here.

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