News 26 October 2017

The 3-channel CBH Advanced makes an advanced system simple

The LINAK control box CBH Advanced with three channels is ideal for comfort bed systems requiring three single actuators to obtain ideal comfort.

The control box CBH Advanced with three channels is perfect for advanced comfort beds that need up to three options for adjustability as well as extra advanced features. The three dedicated channels for single actuators means adjustment of, for instance, back, leg and neck. 

Compared to the original CBH Advanced, this version has an extra channel for actuators. This means that now you only need a few components to create a triple single actuator system packed with features! 

Use the CBH Advanced with three channels in your comfort bed actuator system and get:

  • A cost-efficient system with less parts
  • More space under the bed
  • Less cable madness
  • Faster mounting time 
The 3-channel CBH Advanced makes an advanced system simple
Cut costs - one is all you need
Fewer parts in a system means a lower cost. The third channel for actuators eliminates the need for two control boxes in such a system. I.e. this simplifies the system while maintaining the key features from the CBH Advanced such as memory and wireless control. 

This creates a much more cost-efficient system, with a minimum of parts that need to be managed and mounted. 

Less mess and less assembly time
This new control box means that systems with three actuators are extra easy to assemble. We simply minimised the number of parts and cables to work with. As an added bonus, this also creates optimal free space under the bed.

Meet the other members of the CBH control box family on our website where you can find the CBH Basic or the CBH Advanced.


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