News 12 October 2017

BAJL – a low weight battery with reliable and high performance

The new Li-ion based battery from LINAK provides a higher capacity, extended battery life, and up to four times the battery power of a traditional lead acid battery solution.

Li-ion – a cost-effective and reliable solution with low weight
The improved lithium ion technology increases the BAJL reliability by offering a secure and stable performance throughout the battery lifetime.
The low weight of the BAJL Li-Ion battery optimises daily work routines, resulting in improved ergonomics.
Furthermore, the BAJL battery can save you up to 40% on lifetime costs, and the battery’s extended lifetime reduces the environmental footprint by producing less waste.

Providing you with a greener alternative
The lithium ion battery is an environmentally friendly technology with a lower CO2 emission and a reduced environmental footprint, compared to lead acid batteries.

LINAK offers the right battery for your application

BAJL – a low weight battery with reliable and high performance                                      
BAJL Li-Ion 2.25 Ah - gives you 40 lifts per cycle

Improved daily working environment 
It is extremely important for caregivers who work with mobile applications that perform frequent and heavy lifting to be able to rely on properly working equipment. Caregivers depend on reliable and high-performance equipment with constant and long-lasting battery power. 

Due to the long battery lifetime and easy replacement of our new Li-ion batteries, you no longer have to worry about unreliable batteries or frequent recharging. Faulty battery performance can lead to inefficient working routines or even critical situations where the caregiver tries to lift the person in care manually due to time pressure. At worst, this could result in back injuries and a higher number of sick days.

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