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News 11 April 2017

Increase comfort and efficiency with the new ACK3

In a world that faces tremendous future healthcare challenges with a notable decrease in hospital staff and more people in need of care– time and efficiency is of the essence. With this in mind, we have developed the new Attendant Control Keypads (ACK3)!

Increase comfort and efficiency with the new ACK3

Double bed control for increased freedom and efficiency
The ACK3 is a double bed control consisting of a keypad for both the nurse and the patient. It is fitted into the side rails of a hospital bed. For the patient, this means increased comfort and greater freedom thanks to the option to control basic bed functions without needing help from a nurse. When you increase a patient’s independency, you optimise the nurse’s time and efficiency.

Intuitive control with high adjustment possibilities
Besides being a reliable bed control of high quality, the ACK3 offers control of up to 15 keys and 7 diodes on each keypad. This provides the nurse with full control of all bed functions – including critical positioning functions and correct bed positioning in case of emergencies like CPR. 

The ACK3 is characterised by a very intuitive design for both patient and nurse, which can be customised to fit your exact needs. Furthermore, with the keypads integrated into the bedside rails, cables can be hidden, making the solution cleaning-friendly and reducing the risk of a non-working bed due to squeezed cables.

If you want to know more about the ACK3 or how your application can benefit from this, feel free to contact LINAK .

The ACK3 is part of the LINAK “Care for Tomorrow Today™  ” mindset.

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