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News 30 March 2017

HC30 Wireless: Bluetooth and intuitive advanced options

The HC30 is a wireless, user-friendly and ergonomic hand control. With memory and Under Bed Light, it is perfect for advanced adjustable bed solutions.

T-Slatted bed

Introducing the hand control HC30 wireless – Bluetooth® and intuitive advanced options.
Ergonomic design and functionality were on top of the list when the user-friendly hand control HC30 was developed for comfort beds. The HC30 is a black hand control with a rubber back surface and easy attachment to the bed.

As standard, the HC30 offers memory, intuitive buttons, user-friendly keypad backlight, torch function, and options for both individual and simultaneous adjustment. It also has a button for Under Bed Light. This illuminates the floor under the bed, making it comfortable both to step out of bed, and to find your way back in the dark.

The HC30 has a wireless connection to the actuator. It uses Bluetooth® and is compatible with the TD4 Advanced as well as both the TD3 and the CBH Advanced when they are equipped with a Bluetooth® Adapter.

  • Anti-slip: A rubber back ensures a great grip.
  • By my side: The integrated metal plate makes it easy to attach the control on a magnetic area on the bed. The HC30 is ready by your side.
  • Untangle: The wireless option Bluetooth® instead of cables gives the user extra mobility.
  • Light my way: Use the torch function in the hand control to locate things or find your way in the dark.
  • Memory: Memorise 3 positions and have the bed shift between them on your demand.
  • Design: Get a contemporary dark, sleek and glossy design.

Different versions of the hand control HC30
This hand control comes in different versions depending on the required functionalities.
Choose the simple one for back and leg adjustment as well as memory.
Choose the advanced one for systems that in addition to providing back and leg adjustment and memory, also have optional adjustment of the feet and neck.

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