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News 30 June 2016

The importance of hygiene

The consequences of HCAI in healthcare worldwide.

The importance of hygiene
What is HCAI?

Healthcare associated infections (HCAI) are infections that patients pick up while receiving treatment for medical or surgical conditions and are the most frequent adverse event during care delivery.

HCAI is a major problem for patient safety and its impact can result in prolonged hospital stays, long-term disability, increased resistance of microorganisms to antimicrobial agents, a massive additional financial burden for the health system, high costs for patients and their families, and excess deaths.

Prevalence of HCAI in developed countries

Source: World Health Organization

Thinking hygiene into the applications

The LINAK series of control boxes for healthcare, comes with IPX6 washable protection as a standard option. That means the application can go directly into wash tunnels with the control box still attached.

The basic design of the box has also been made with hygiene in mind. It is simply designed for easy cleaning with a minimum of grooves and edges and a clever cable management system. 

IPX6 Washable protection for easy cleaning.

Clever and cleaning-friendly cable management.

Cleaning-friendly design with a minimum of grooves and edges.

Let us work together to reduce HCAI and the effects of it. Learn more about the LINAK Control box platform for healthcare on our website LINAK.COM/SEGMENTS/MEDLINE-CARELINE.

The control box platform for healthcare is part of the LINAK “Care for Tomorrow Today™” mind-set.

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