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News 14 June 2016

BA21 Li-Ion battery to start the future

As the number of advanced features in, for instance, hospital beds increase, the need for a robust and long-lasting power back-up increases. The new LINAK BA21 Li-Ion battery is made to meet the demands of the future. Furthermore, it is lightweight and cost-effective like no other battery for this purpose.

BA21 Lithium-Ion battery to start the future

For manufacturers interested in long-term and cost-efficient battery solutions for hospital applications, LINAK® offers a lithium ion (Li-Ion) battery solution. The new BA21 battery plays right into the modern actuator system for healthcare applications.

The long-term cost-effective solution
LINAK solutions are known for their flexibility, with all parts fitting together across the portfolio. The products themselves are hallmarked by their durability and minuscule need for maintenance through-out a long lifetime. The BA21 Li-Ion battery is a perfect choice for that very reason.

Able to maintain full capacity (2.2 Ah) through at least 500 recharge cycles, the BA21 has a lifetime approximately five times as long as a traditional lead acid battery. It is easy to mount, fits perfectly with the CO61 control box and weighs only 0.7 kg.             

BA21 Li-Ion Battery

A battery full of intelligent features
BA21 comes with a built-in charger commencing as soon as the application is connected to grid. At the same time safety features inside the battery prevents deep discharge or overheating.

Furthermore, the BA21 battery comes with service data logging as standard. This means it always knows the present temperature as well as count the number of recharge cycles at any given time.

If you want to know more about BA21, lithium ion technology or how your application can benefit from this, feel free to contact LINAK.

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