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CocoOne - a total luxury product
Harald Kogler, Managing Director of the Austrian business Delfin-Wellness, was looking for a product suitable for outdoor and capable of creating a sense of peace and a space for individual relaxation.

Designer Josef Liebmann-Holzmann provided him with the solution: the CocoOne.

As the name suggests, CocoOne is a sort of cocoon, a lounge space for two people to recline in, equipped with a protective weatherproof fabric and, of course, actuators for electric adjustment of the back support and foot area of the bed, along with other creative comfort features. 

Electric actuators as a must
It was important for the designer that the CocoOne should be adjustable in the same way as a luxury bed. It was also clear that such adjustments had to be made electrically at the push of a button.

Both the backrest and the footrest of the CocoOne can be adjusted with complete ease.
"When researching suitable electric linear actuators, it wasn't long before I came across LINAK. LINAK is exactly the right partner for adjustable beds," continues Liebmann-Holzmann.

Electric adjustment is particularly popular for luxury beds. But the CocoOne demands more durable actuators than an indoor luxury bed. As the CocoOne is placed outdoors, dew will accumulate on it.

That is why the actuators must be tough and hardwearing. Large fluctuations in temperature from the cold at night to the heat of the midday sun must not affect the CocoOne's features.

LINAK linear actuator LA23 is able to satisfy this need.

During project planning, when LINAK technicians provided intensive support, it proved to be the ideal actuator for adjusting the CocoOne's reclining platform.

With a stroke length of between 20 and 300 millimetres and an installation dimension of just 160 millimetres, it was very easy to integrate into the bed frame.

It is extremely robust, conforming to protection rating IPX4. The actuator will work perfectly in operating temperatures ranging from minus 30 to plus 55 degrees Celsius. It also moves between positions gently and quietly. Six LA23 units are built into the CocoOne.

Improvements on a continuous basis
"The CocoOne is set to be developed on a continuous basis," explains Josef Liebmann-Holzmann. There is an immense range of possibilities.

The next step is to integrate the LINAK compact rechargeable battery BA001 to allow the CocoOne to be adjusted without the need to plug it in. Another possibility is to integrate a control system working via a Smartphone or Bluetooth.

Functionality first

Heating - an infrared heating system to keep people warm, even in bad weather or at night.

Light – a built-in LED lighting system offering people a wide colour spectrum depending on the ambiance they want to create.

Adjustment – both the backrest and the footrest are adjustable.

Open/close – two electric actuators allow you to open both sides of the CocoOne. From the outside by an electric foot control and from the inside by pressing a button.

Material - a waterproof semi-transparent fabric protects the CocoOne's interior, while letting outside atmospheric light, bird song and other sounds through into the outdoor lounge.

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