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News 04 April 2016

Put your brand on the desktop and promote a healthy work-life balance

Imagine your brand displayed on all your customer’s desktops several times a day. And what if your customers don't mind your help promoting ergonomics in their organisation?

Put your brand on the desktop and promote a healthy work-life balance

LINAK Desk Control™ is a LINAK software developed primarily to allow users to control their adjustable desk from the desktop. But Desk Control is more than that.

When connecting your desk to your computer, the software will also remind users to either stand up or sit down several times a day. Mainly to stay productive throughout the working day. In addition, it is also possible to enter personal goals for burning calories and have Desk Control help achieve the goals. Altogether, a more active working day.

Customise Desk Control to align with your brand
Think about what it would do to your brand if you could add this health promoting value to it. Customise Desk Control – add your corporate logo and align with your corporate identity. This is exactly what LINAK now offers you.

Every time Desk Control pops up and reminds the user to sit or stand at the desk, your corporate logo and colours will show. You can even customise links and add them in your corporate font. 

Let your brand promote good health at work
Customising Desk Control will help increase awareness of your brand. Primarily as it is displayed to users repeatedly. Science recommends a posture change every 15-20 minutes, and if users follow this recommendation, they will see your logo perhaps 15 times a day.

If you add a link to your website, you may even increase web traffic too. And, on the subliminal level, the customised version of the software will help you have desk users associate your brand with good ergonomics and a healthy work life.

If you want to know more about how Desk Control works, or if you are curious how you can customise it, please contact LINAK.

You can also visit the Desk Control™ product page or view this explanatory video.

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