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News 29 March 2016

Making good products better - the story of the LA40 actuator

Even more options for you with further development of one of our most versatile actuators.

Making good products better - the story of the LA40 actuator
About a year ago, we launched what we called “an actuator with a unique combination of features”. The LA40 actuator was developed based on our extensive application knowledge and more than 30 years' experience in developing actuator solutions for the healthcare segment.

The unique combination of features includes high speed, IPX6 washable, a low noise level, a cleaning friendly design and a new LINAK patented gear and break principle, to name but a few.

This offers you better performance, more efficiency and highly reliable movement in a wide variety of healthcare applications.

To make this product even more versatile, we are now ready with a spline version of the actuator. The Spline function prevents the actuator from pulling a load when an obstacle is in the way and thus adds safety to the application.

It does not end here of course! June will mark the next chapter in the LA40 story: the LA40 with quick release.

For more information about the technical features, please contact LINAK.

The actuator LA40 with spline function is yet another innovative product that helps us Care For Tomorrow Today™. 

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