News 07 March 2016

Electronic Brake Control system for healthcare beds

Now available with castors from three different third party suppliers.

Fall accidents in hospitals and nursing homes are increasing in number and are extremely costly. The Electronic Brake Control System is designed to reduce these fall accidents.

It also eliminates unnecessary movement and adjustments to the bed, thus helping to ensure high comfort for patients while facilitating movement of the bed for the medical staff. The Electronic Brake Control System consists of:
  • A LINAK hand control
  • A LINAK EBC box
  • A LINAK OpenBus™ system in the application
  • Castors (from a third party supplier. Please consult your local LINAK sales representative for more information)
  • Cables
The Electronic Brake Control System ensures the bed is always locked when not in motion and therefore helps reduce the number of fall accidents for the benefit of both patients and caregivers.

The directional lock function ensures an ergonomically correct working environment for the staff.

For more information, please contact LINAK.

Learn more about the Electronic Brake Control.

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