News 26 February 2016

New additions to TECHLINE system solutions

TECHLINE system solutions now include three extra options for the heavy lifters LA36 and LA37 with Integrated Controller (IC). The extra choices include either a Bluetooth receiver, an RF receiver or direct control via a hand control.

The heavy lifters LA36 and LA37 now join the LA14 and the LA25 as actuators with the wireless control options Bluetooth and RF.

This means that the LA36 and the LA37 with Integrated Controller (IC) can be controlled via the two wireless options of either Bluetooth and the app LINAK® Control, which you download on mobile phones and tablets, or via RF and a remote control. It is also possible to control the actuators by connecting a hand control directly to the actuators.

The new TECHLINE system solutions, including LA36 or LA37 with IC, offer:

  • Easy assembly
  • Wireless controlling via Bluetooth and the app LINAK® Control
  • Wireless controlling via RF and a remote control
  • Direct control via a hand control

Therefore, these additions to System Solutions are relevant for customers who are looking for a heavy-duty actuator solution that provides Plug & Play - easy and quick installation as well as wireless control options.

What is more, the LA36 and the LA37 represent a new variety of TECHLINE® System Solutions. Whereas the LA14 and the LA25 are compact and applicable in confined spaces, the LA36 and the LA37 with Bluetooth or RF are particularly suitable for heavy-duty applications.

Download the app LINAK® Control from App Store or Google Play.

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