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News 16 November 2015

The first step of a grand vision unfolds today

The new control boxes CA30 and CA40 stole the spotlight today in a launch event at the MEDICA trade fair in Düsseldorf, Germany, as well as an online launch at

The first step of a grand vision unfolds page

Elevating standards
By combining all of the most valuable features in control boxes, we have created a new series of products with an abundance of possibilities for OEMs.

The CA30 and the CA40 are both IPX6 washable, short circuit safe, and have innovative cable management as well as universal voltage input. They are compact and low-weight while presenting the users with a realm of mounting options.

In one easy swoop the boxes’ inventive bracket solution mounts the boxes in various orientations, and allows you to make your application mobile with a battery. Most importantly, this combination of features is the new standard at LINAK.

These control boxes are the first of their kind, but they will not be the only ones. The control boxes CA30 and CA40 are part of a grand vision for LINAK. In the following years, our vision for control boxes will unfold.

Quick and cost-effective delivery
As an extra consideration, the weight of the control boxes is only 0.6 kg pr. unit, which contributes to low transportation/shipping costs. Combining this with the new LINAK distribution network, LINAK can promise a short delivery time.

Efficient product logistics + Manufacturing closer to you = Minimised shipping time and cost.

Learn more about the new CA30 and CA40, and the big vision for control boxes.

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