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News 05 October 2015

Lifting Column BL1 - now with cable inside

Lifting with safety, aesthetic design and a cleaning-friendly column.

Lifting Column BL1 now with cable inside
LINAK introduces a new version of the BL1 lifting column with cable inside the column.

It is available with a cable for connection of a hand control or a footswitch at the top or bottom of the column and it is possible to connect the motor cable from the top or bottom of the column allowing for more design options for the application.

A protective grounding cable for potential equalisation between the top and bottom plate is also an option, with the cable inside the column, of course.

The BL1 column is the perfect lifting column for a wide variety of medical applications, such as: incubators, baby cots, wheelchairs, ophthalmic tables, couches/tables for treatment and examination, treatment chairs and beds for hospitals and nursing homes.

Besides well-known BL1 features such as high stability and low noise level, the new version with the cable inside offers extra value:
  • Even more aesthetic design - No visible cables
  • Safety – no cables that can be caught in wheels or be in the way
  • Better hygiene – more cleaning friendly with the cables inside
Learn more about the BL1 with cable inside.

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