Why OpenBus is different from anything else you have seen before

Traditionally, a control box is based on relays and the functions are controlled via a wired handset (”Wire-to-function principle”).

OpenBus can fulfil the same basic needs. OpenBus is the technical platform in the control box that controls the movement of the actuators. In addition, OpenBus offers a lot of options that bring additional value into various applications for the customers and end-users.

OpenBus has been developed for LINAK Control Boxes, in order to ensure higher flexibility and logistical advantages in LINAK’s actuator systems. It is a LINAK proprietary standard; it is a cost-effective serial communication system for LINAK system solutions.

The nature of OpenBus makes it possible to attach external devices to the LINAK system via the digital Control Box. This means that it is prepared to “speak the same language” as other external devices via the standardised protocols. This improves the utilisation options of LINAK systems, when attaching external devices/accessories.
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