Testimonial Kim Jepsen

Service Quality Manager
kim jepsen


“I was asked if I would go to Slovakia for a few weeks to help out. When I had been there for a week, I was asked if I might consider staying. I have certainly never regretted that I accepted. It has been a really exciting challenge to get to know a foreign culture both at the job and in private.”
Kim had been working at LINAK for 6 years before he went to Slovakia. He had just finished an assignment as a project manager on a major quality programme when the opportunity to go to Slovakia occurred. It was so sudden that he needed a little time to think it over before he accepted.
Help for the spouse
“My wife and I had previously decided that I should accept if a chance for a posting somewhere occurred. However, the timing was far from perfect. We had just found and bought the house we had always dreamed of on Als. My wife had just started formal training as an office clerk in another company. However, in just one week LINAK had arranged that my wife could finish the second half of her training at the factory in Slovakia.”
A great experience
“It has been a great experience to live in a foreign country. Of course, it was an unexpected challenge to finish her training abroad, but we both think it has been quite valuable that my wife has had her own job other than just waiting for me to come home. We have both appreciated our stay in Slovakia a lot.”
Going back to LINAK
“Now I am preparing to return to LINAK headquarters in Guderup on Als. My wife has already gone back to Denmark to start work in the company where she started her training before we left for Slovakia. I am looking forward to new challenges. I am to start a project to further improve quality in the production line. It is going to be nice coming back, but it has been really inspiring to go abroad and gain new perspectives. But really that is LINAK; you have all sorts of opportunities as long as you show a little initiative.”


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