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Start creating – see how easy you can change the design of a desk

Start creating
To get started with your desk design, choose a tabletop, a panel, legs and feet. Save your design in a PDF file together with a complete parts list.

The interactive element is for your inspiration only, to visualise how easy you can change your desk design. 
LINAK only supplies the electrical motor system; the top frame, the table top and the feet are non-LINAK products that must be bought at a supplier of your own choice.

Office furniture is not only about design
Designers need to combine their unique visual approach with an emphasis on functionality, quality, ergonomics and legislation!
With the DESKLINE product programme the designer can concentrate on design, stability and furniture aesthetics as LINAK provides Plug & Play electric height adjustable solutions for desks.

Optimum design possibilities
Throughout the years we have launched a wide range of motor systems for office desks. Our motor housing programme now consists of 8 standard legs, which all fit into the same frame construction. Therefore, whether rectangular or round legs, standard turned or turned upside down, 2-part or 3-part legs are preferred we have the solution. If you multiply this by the variety of colours in which the legs can be painted and the wide range of control boxes and controls, there are optimum design options.