Stand up for your health

Are you a fairly healthy person, but still tired at the end of a workday? There are many ways to get more energy during a workday, e.g. a quick nap, a healthy lunchbox and walking the stairs instead of taking the elevator.

But are you familiar with the easiest way of them all - simply standing up more?

Research shows that breaking sedentary behaviour makes you more efficient, more productive and happier - plus it is good for your health. Actually, there is now consistent evidence linking high levels of sedentary behaviour with elevated risk for type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease, premature mortality (early death), some cancers (particularly colon, lung and endometrial cancers) and depression.

However, these elevated risks can be reduced through several simple steps, and standing more is one of them.

Watch the video and see how Anna gets rid of her drowsiness.

Learn more about ergonomics and the benefits of standing by looking into our infographics.

You can also calculate your potential yearly health benefits from standing here, or calculate your daily calories burned from standing and sitting here.
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