Systems with Motor House Columns

Systems with
motor house columns


A column with motor housing is a perfect choice if you wish a column that is easy to integrate in a top frame and you would like to integrate several leg designs in your portfolio without having to change the desk construction each time.


The DESKLINE motor housing programme consists of 8 standard legs, which all fit into the same frame construction. Therefore, whether rectangular or round legs, standard turned or turned upside down, 2-part or 3-part legs are preferred, DESKLINE has the solution.

If you multiply this by the variety of colours in which the legs can be painted and the wide range of control boxes and controls, there are optimum design options.

Which column you choose will depend on your design requirements.
  • DL5 and DL15 are rectangular motor house columns with a standard adjustment range
  • With a DL6 or a DL16 column you get a rectangular design with a long adjustment range
  • Choose a DL8 or a DL10 for a round design of the column profile with standard adjustment range
  • DL9 and DL11 if you prefer a round design of the column profile but have a need for a long adjustment range.


DESKLINE systems are true systems where everything fits – it is simply Plug & Play. This means that motor housing columns are compatible with all DESKLINE control boxes and all DESKLINE controls – giving you optimum freedom of design.


For more than a decade, LINAK has supplied dedicated systems to office furniture manufacturers. Choose LINAK for:
  • Innovative design
  • Widest product programme on the market
  • Plug and Play simplicity, true systems where everything fits
  • PIEZO™ anti-collision technology
  • PVC-free™ products
  • Pleasant sound level
  • 5 year warranty
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