Kasper, Operations Graduate

November 2019

Kasper started in 2018 as Operations Graduate at LINAK A/S. Before that he studied a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at Aarhus University. During the programme he got a lot of responsibility and he has gotten to know LINAK very well.

Kasper LINAK A/S

During the Graduate Programme Kasper has had one main project about analysing the potential of implementing AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles) in the production at LINAK A/S. Furthermore, he has had a couple of parallel projects with various test-projects.

To Kasper the programme has meant a lot: ”First and foremost, it has given me the opportunity to get to work in an exciting company with a lot of opportunities. It is my experience that at LINAK you get a lot of responsibility very fast if you are willing to take it and if you have the will to learn and get better at what you do.”

To be challenged

According to Kasper one of the most challenging things in the programme has been to start in a real job: ”It is a huge change from being a student to start in a job in a company and using what you have learned during your studies in real life. When studying Mechanical Engineering you focus very much on the mechanical part, whereas in the Graduate Programme I have worked a lot with processes and flow”.

As a part of the programme each Graduate gets associated with two mentors, who help with feedback and input: ”It has been very good to have two mentors each with a different know-how. My professional mentor has given me feedback on my projects and helped me in my daily challenges. My personal mentor has asked some good questions to make me reflect on my everyday life and learning.”

The future

Before the Graduate Programme ended an exciting job opportunity appeared for Kasper. This means that Kasper left the programme and got a permanent position as a Project Engineer in digital production at LINAK A/S. Together with his girlfriend he has now moved closer to LINAK A/S.

Kasper is very happy to work at LINAK. As he is saying: ”At LINAK we are very good at moving forward and making decisions. It is cool that we do not rest and stay satisfied with the way the company runs today. We always strive to do things better, because what worked years back might not be perfect today.”