LINAK as your partner

We aim to be more to our customers than just another supplier. We want to be your partner. 

Partnering with LINAK is about more than purchasing a product. Our goal is to create added value for our customers by offering innovative solutions, extensive knowledge, world-class production, and global presence.

Ever since our first actuator was developed, LINAK has continued to bring new and innovative ideas to the market. Innovation is an important reason why LINAK has achieved our current position. Our innovative solutions are aimed at meeting customers’ needs.

This is why LINAK is more than just a component supplier. We offer a strategic partnership in which we collaborate on R&D, after-sales service, logistics, manufacturing, and marketing.

At LINAK, we focus on our core competence: electric actuator solutions. However, within our  four individual  segments we also pay careful attention to customers’ needs, market intelligence and application know-how.

In-depth knowledge of trends within the market is what makes LINAK a true solutions provider.

World-class production
At LINAK we manufacture quality products. We aim to be the leading manufacturer in our industry by having the best production plants in the business. We make this possible by adopting the principles of LEAN in all aspects of our manufacturing processes. Doing so ensures that we can offer high-quality products, services, and deliveries.

Global presence
Our customers come from all over the world. We want to be close to our customers. And in order to provide you the best service possible, we are represented globally by subsidiaries and local distributors.