Working environment policy

It is the LINAK objective that no employees get hurt at LINAK. The preventive work is the foundation of our health and safety arrangements. LINAK is responsible for planning and carrying out the work in a way that is safe for all employees.

Through continuous working environment evaluations and improvements we prevent that our employees are exposed to injuries and harmful impacts, both physically and mentally.

Managers and employees are obliged to follow the rules and the guidelines about safety, and thus to call attention to behaviour that affects the working environment in a negative way.

The employee is responsible for his/her own health. LINAK would like to support this by providing a framework for a healthy working environment through a number of health promoting initiatives.

The responsibility for the working environment is placed in the individual departments of LINAK A/S.

It is the working organisation's responsibility to help ensure the framework in connection with the working environment activities. This also includes that the work is carried out in collaboration between the company and the employees.