Ethical guidelines

What is good and bad behaviour for LINAK employees?

Openness and honesty are core values at LINAK. Therefore, our business methods must be transparent and fair. This applies to our own employees as well as to our business partners who act on our behalf.

At LINAK, we have a set of ethical guidelines that help us clarify expectations to ourselves and our business partners. The guidelines set the standard for a proper behaviour when representing LINAK.

  • We will not give or accept bribery
  • We want to avoid conflicts between our personal interests and LINAK interest
  • We only receive gifts, which reflect common hospitality and only donate money to charity
  • We will not use misrepresentation, cheating or breach of confidence in order to obtain an unfair or a dishonest advantage
  • We advocate fair competition and will not use illegal or unethical methods to obtain advantages 

All employees and business partners are presented with these guidelines, and we expect them to live up to them in their work for LINAK.