Code of conduct

What is good and bad behaviour for LINAK suppliers?

We set high expectations to ourselves – but also to our business partners. LINAK respect the principles of international conventions such as, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) and the core labour conventions of the International Labour Organisation.

And, we expect our suppliers to share our commitment. This is why we have laid out our expectations in a Code of Conduct.

Among them are:

  • their workers have freedom of association
  • they refrain from all forms of forced labour
  • they refrain from using child labour
  • their working time does not exceed the legal limit
  • they refrain from discrimination
  • they support a precautionary approach to environmental challenges and work actively to reduce environmental impact
  • they refrain from corrupt practices

LINAK reserves the right to monitor the suppliers to ensure compliance with our Code of Conduct.

Our “Code of Conduct” has been added to our supplier quality agreement, and must be signed by the suppliers. Suppliers that do not live up to our Code of Conduct will be required to commit to an action plan with points for improvement. If a supplier is unwilling to do so, LINAK reserves the right to terminate our agreement.